BIO Restaurant

We cook with care, attention and love for our guests. 1100 meters above the sea level, with no shop within a 10 km radius, we always try to maintain our level of service! We produce most of the products used in our kitchen, by ourselves, in an organic way, without using substances that are harmful to nature and man. What we cannot manufacture, we pick out from selected providers and farmers.

Our food concept does not include a lot of intricate recipes with sophisticated products from faraway lands but rather we put our stakes on the real, local, seasonal products that nature bestows us with. Here you won’t find neither kyuftes and kebapches, nor a chocolate soufflé with a liquid centre, but you can try variations of traditional Bulgarian recipes for potato gratin, cheese in a pot, beans, sauerkraut, stew, poached eggs, polenta, fish, pork and beef, yoghurt, pancakes, homemade bread and different other delicacies.

We do our best to regale you with fresh, delicious and healthy food that will keep you full and satisfied, and will give you energy for long walks and fun, or why not for work in the farm!