BIO Farm

There were two big barns before there were guest houses at Moravsko Selo.

One of them is now gone, but the other is standing proudly and not giving up. Our animals are housed in a part of it. Interacting with them is very interesting and useful for us, and above all for the children. By watching them, people can learn a lot about what the human world could really be like if there was less excess, greed and spite. Animals are always calm, they don’t envy and hate each other. The cow has accepted that it is a cow and is giving milk, and the chickens aren’t trying to take over her functions. Every l animal wants to be warm, well-fed and to have a place to rest. Nothing more, nothing less.

All in all, it is interesting to be surrounded by animals instead of people! If you would like to spend more time with them, you can get rubber boots and work clothes. Farm improvement is a task that we seldom have time for, but any good ideas from our guests are welcome and awaiting their time to be realized.