• About us

    For people… and for Nature

    “Moravsko Selo” complex started working in 2007, when bio and eco were not commonly used words in Bulgaria, and producing your own food was considered quite a lonely occupation. On an area of 14 acres, 1100 metres above sea level we created one of the first family held hotels with a focus on organic production, sustainable farming and environmentally-conscious way of life. From then on to this day we continue in our efforts to grow and improve the space around us without doing any harm and without changing its essence.

    For those who tend to get bored quickly, nearby are the ski slopes of:

    • Kulinoto – 3 km;
    • Bansko – 15 km,
    • Semkovo ski run, Dobrinishte – 20 km, 
    • as well as the hot mineral springs in the area.

    The holiest place in Bulgaria – Rila Monastery is 75 km away. You may visit the bear reservation in Belitsa, the church in Dobarsko, Leshten and Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo, take the lift to Bezbog chalet, or see many other cultural and natural sites.

    Closeness to nature, clean air, silence, unbelievable calm and domestic atmosphere – if this is your idea of a good vacation – come to Moravsko Selo and be our guest.

    We are expecting you!

  • Attic studio

    The attic studio, or as we call it the “hobbit apartment” is a charming loft. To reach it you go up to the second floor of the second house, climb a winding staircase, open a hatch, climb and close the hatch.

  • BIO Farm

    There were two big barns before there were guest houses at Moravsko Selo.

  • BIO Restaurant

    Dear clients,

    Due to repair and refreshment activities in the restaurant at Moravsko selo complex will be closed about to 15-April-2020.

    During the renovation activities, Moravsko Selo offers only rooms or apartments for accommodation at very attractive prices.

    Thank you for the understanding!


  • Triple room

    Room #17
    We have one triple room. It has the dimensions of a double room. It contains a double bed and a separate single bed.