Attic studio

The attic studio, or as we call it the “hobbit apartment” is a charming loft. To reach it you go up to the second floor of the second house, climb a winding staircase, open a hatch, climb and close the hatch.

You’re now in a small corridor which separates the bathroom from the bedroom. The attic studio is appropriate for those looking for something special and out of the ordinary. The room has a sofa on which can be used for two more people (the indicated price is for two, extra fees are due for additional guests). There is a wonderful window, surrounded by soft cushions, that has a lovely panoramic view of the mountain.

Price with breakfast includes:

35 EUR person per night

70 EUR per night, for two.

Possibility for additional accommodation – one or two persons, at 5 euro/day/person, which includes bedding, towels, consumables. 



1.Children from 0 to 3 years-free.

2.Children from 3 to 12 years are charged 50% of the bed and breakfast.


Supplement for food for guests:

1.Dinner or supper with two-course menu - 8EUR /1 person

  • soup with main dish or
  • salad and main dish or
  • main dish and dessert;

2.Dinner or supper with three-course menu- 10EUR /1person

  • salad, main dish and dessert or
  • soup , main dish and dessert

3.Payment for Dinner and supper*:

  Menu Menu Full board
Dinner/Supper two-course menu three-course menu 18EUR
Dinner/Supper two-course menu three-course menu 18EUR
Full board 16EUR 20EUR  

* Drinks are not included

  • Restaurant working hours – 8:30 am – midnight
  • Kitchen working hours – 8:30 am – 10:00 pm

Breakfast can be included in the price of the accommodation, and is served in our restaurant from 8.30 am to 10.30 am every morning.

The price of a standard breakfast (one of the following: mekitsi (fried pastries), French toast, omlette, pancakes, banitsa, yoghurt with oatmeal or with honey and walnuts, sandwiches, breakfast combo) is 1.80 Euro and 0.8 Euro for a hot drink – tea or coffee. We would rather use Bulgarian money.