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In short, The accommodation prices start from €15 per person in a double room and €20 in apartment. These prices include breakfast. As we are a mix of hotel, restaurant and farm, we will be happy to take 30 minutes a day to work on the farm while you are visiting us, but only if you wish. Grandmother Nevena will examines your job application before you start working with her (30 minutes) so that you don't step over the bean or onion, potato and etc. She will also exercise strict control over your work.

We look forward to seeing you soon :-)

to a Moravsko selo biohotel
For people… and for Nature

“Moravsko Selo” complex started working in 2007, when bio and eco were not commonly used words in Bulgaria, and producing your own food was considered quite a lonely occupation. On an area of 14 acres, 1100 metres above sea level we created one of the first family held hotels with a focus on organic production, sustainable farming and environmentally-conscious way of life. From then on to this day we continue in our efforts to grow and improve the space around us without doing any harm and without changing its essence.

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